Comic 8 - Choosing an ice-cream

8th May 2016, 5:03 PM in Not the prologue... xD
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Choosing an ice-cream
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Author Notes:

8th May 2016, 5:03 PM
Comment down below if this is you at the ice-cream shop sure is me every single time...

Sorry the upload was late today, :P

If you look in the background of today's comic you might recognize some familiar people from another comic called Stan and Slan. Go check it out :P say that Tim and Garry sent ya! :




8th May 2016, 5:15 PM
That cameo doe. XD

I love your comic, subscribed. :)
8th May 2016, 5:27 PM
This is just the beginning... the cameo is just a teaser of sorts for the legit *cough * cross *cough* over.