Comic 6 - A date for three p.1

7th May 2016, 10:26 AM in Not the prologue... xD
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A date for three p.1
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Author Notes:

7th May 2016, 10:26 AM
tim and Garry are both going on hot double dates! :D
and they're both excited!



7th May 2016, 12:03 PM
cool rhiannon
Hey dude! It's a bummer that your thread got shut down, but hey, rules are rules (and sassing the mods isn't a great idea either!)

But I took you up on your challenge, and drew Tim and Garry! ( link to image )

I hope you like it, and I hope you have good luck with comics!
7th May 2016, 12:28 PM
Yeah, wont give mods anymore more sass...xD